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Wedge Mattress Lifter

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Experience the Future of Bedding Comfort with Our Wedge Mattress Lifter! Elevate Your Sleep Routine and Alleviate Strain on Back, Neck, and Shoulders.

Wedge Design: Our inclined wedge effortlessly slides between the mattress and box spring, lifting it 4"-5". Say goodbye to awkward twists and lifts at each corner—our ergonomic design makes it a breeze.

🛌 Handy Tool: Lift and hold your mattress in a raised position, eliminating the need for repeated lifting while making the bed. Tuck in sheets, remove bed linens, and enjoy a hassle-free bed-making experience.

🌬️ Alleviate Back Pain: Our lifter's ergonomic design does the heavy lifting for you, leaving your hands free to make the bed. Say farewell to neck and back pain, and hello to a more comfortable morning routine.

🤲 Comfortable Grip: The curved handle ensures a natural wrist position, providing maximum comfort, strength, and energy transfer. Choose your preferred grip position for a seamless experience.

💪 Strong & Durable: Crafted from friction-resistant, durable polypropylene, our mattress lifter securely holds the mattress in an elevated position. Alleviate pressure on the lumbar spine and enhance your overall mood.

🌟 Make Your Life Easier: Our easy mattress lifter is the ultimate tool for applying and tucking linens, navigating around nightstands and footboards, adding bed skirts, and effortlessly fixing your sheets. Make every morning a breeze with the Wedge Mattress Lifter—because your comfort matters.

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