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Precise Brew Mastery: USB-Charged Coffee Scale

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Product Description for Website/Marketplace:

Title: "Elevate Your Brew: Precision Digital Coffee Scale with LED Display and Timer"

Description: Brewing perfection starts with precision. Introducing our high-tech Coffee Scale, designed to bring accuracy and innovation to your coffee-making ritual.

Key Features:

  1. High Precision Measures: Achieve the perfect pour-over with our scale's 0.1g accuracy, ensuring your coffee or ingredients are measured with unparalleled precision.

  2. LED Screen: The sleek LED display not only showcases weight and timer data but does so with clarity and elegance, making your brewing process a visual delight.

  3. USB Charging: Bid farewell to battery hassles. Our scale is equipped with USB charging, ensuring convenience and sustainability in every brew.

  4. Multiple Units of Measurement: Whether you prefer grams, ounces, or milliliters, our scale offers versatility, allowing you to seamlessly switch between units.

  5. Max Weight of 3kg: With a capacity of up to 3kg, our scale handles larger ingredients effortlessly, making it ideal for coffee beans, flour, and more.

  6. Accurate Timer Function: Record not only your water-to-coffee ratio but also the brewing time. The timer function simplifies the process and elevates your coffee-making precision.

  7. Rechargeable and Eco-Friendly: The built-in 250mAh lithium battery can be easily recharged via the included USB cable. Embrace eco-friendly brewing without compromising on functionality.

  8. High-Temperature Resistant: Crafted from high-quality PC + ABS material, our scale stands up to high temperatures, ensuring durability and easy cleaning.

How to Use:

  • Select units with a touch of the power button.
  • Tare weighing function for precise measurements.
  • Timer function for recording brewing time.
  • Automatic timing mode for hands-free brewing experience.
  • Rechargeable via Type-C port for hassle-free power.


  1. Allow for a slight size error due to manual measurement.
  2. Monitor differences may affect color perception, but the product's quality remains unaffected.
  3. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you love our products, leave us a positive feedback, and enjoy a happy brewing experience!






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