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Ultimate Furniture Moving Roller Set: Heavy-Duty Transport

$34.99 $40.99
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ANENG Heavy-Duty Furniture Lifter Set: Move Effortlessly, Glide Seamlessly!


Brand Name: ANENG

Type: Heavy Object Handling

Shape: Square

Material: ABS


  1. Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter with 4 Sliders 
  2. Easy and Safe Moving
  3. Appliance Roller Suitable for Sofas, Couches, and Refrigerators
  4. Adjustable Height Lifting Tool Lever
  5. Suitable for Safe and Easy Moving of Couches, Sofas, Refrigerators

About This Item:

THE SMART WAY TO MOVE: Say goodbye to struggling with heavy furniture and potential self-harm. ANENG's furniture lifter and rollers effortlessly glide furniture and appliances, allowing you to rearrange your space or clean with ease.

MOVING MADE EASY: Designed for universal use, the furniture lifter set is user-friendly for everyone, regardless of strength. Lift your furniture slightly, slide the mover pad sliders underneath, and smoothly move your belongings across the floor.

FOR ALL FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES: Versatility is key! These furniture wheels suit a variety of heavy items like couches, cabinets, refrigerators, washing machines, bookcases, and more. Glide effortlessly on hardwood surfaces, and carpet adapters are included for additional convenience.

FOR HEAVY WEIGHTS: No more worries about wheels giving way! With a robust design and heavy-duty materials, each roller can bear up to 660lbs. Whether it's a washer, dryer, or other substantial items, ANENG ensures reliable and phenomenal results every time. Move confidently and effortlessly with ANENG's Heavy-Duty Furniture Lifter Set!






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